Energy & Renewables

Durango's Energy Sustainability Principles

  • Durango’s energy supply is carbon neutral, renewable, resilient, and affordable for all members of our community.
  • Homes, businesses, and services use energy efficiently, and local energy production is utilized in support the local economy.

Durango's Energy Sustainability Objectives

  • Energy Supply: Reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with Durango’s energy supply in an equitable manner while maintaining reliability and resilience to disruption.
  • Energy Use: Increase the efficiency of energy use and promote energy conservation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy cost burdens.

About two-thirds of our community-wide greenhouse gas emissions are associated with energy consumption in buildings and community infrastructure like streetlighting and water pumping.

  1. What You Can Do
  2. What the City of Durango is Doing

Energy Efficiency

Explore Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebates

Support for Audits and Upgrades

Install Solar

  • The LPEA member solar website has everything you need to see if solar is a good fit for your home.
  • Visit the City's Solar page for information on the City of Durango permitting process and other resources.

Green Power Purchases

Financing for Energy Efficiency Upgrades