Pool Rules

  • Please shower before entering the pool or spa.
  • Children 6 years of age and younger and all non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Proper swimming attire is required.
  • Watertight swim diapers are required for toddlers.
  • Diving is allowed in designated areas only.
  • Walk on all pool areas and decks.
  • Rough play or profanity is not tolerated.
  • Enjoy food and drink in designated areas. (Not the Pool Area.)
  • Lifeguards are present for your safety and must be obeyed at all times.
  • There may be periodic pool breaks for 10 minutes for the safety of our guests.
  • Kickboards and pull buoys are for lap swimmers only in the Lap Lanes.
  • No shoes on deck.
  • All floats must be approved by lifeguards.
  • Not all pool rules are listed, please obey lifeguards.

Leisure Pool

  • Play features are for small children only. (50 pounds and under.)
  • One person at a time on the inner tubes.
  • No climbing over pool walls for any reason.
  • No sitting on geysers.
  • No running (even in shallow water).

Water Slide

  • Only one person on the slide at a time.
  • Clear the splashdown area immediately.
  • Remove all sharp metal objects and locker keys before using slide.
  • Children may not be caught by anyone in the splashdown area.
  • Adults may accompany small children at the lifeguard's discretion.

Diving Board

  • Maximum of one bounce on the board.
  • Only one person on the board at a time.
  • Dive or jump straight off the board and clear diving area immediately.
  • Diving area must be clear before leaving the board.
  • Must be able to swim 25 yards.

Hot Tub

  • Young children, pregnant women, elderly and those with heart problems should consult a physician before entering the spa.
  • Recommended length of stay in the hot tub is a maximum of 10 minutes. Prolonged use may result in fainting or dizziness.
  • Users 6 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A maximum of 23 guests are allowed in the hot tub at any one time.