1. Fall Cleanup
  2. Spring Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

City of Durango residents have the opportunity to discard yard waste during designated curbside pickup times. Fall Cleanup begins October 5, 2020.

Materials accepted during Fall Cleanup:

  • Tree trimmings and branches less than 8 feet in length and less than 8 inches in diameter - click here for Colorado Forest Service pruning recommendations
  • Bagged or boxed loose brush and leaves
  • No other waste will be collected

Fall Cleanup Schedule

October 5 - 9

Areas north of 15th St. to the north city limits, paralleling Main to the east and west, including Animas City area.

October 12 - 16

West side subdivisions, including Crestview, Needham, Rockridge, and Junction Street areas.

October 19 - 23 

East side subdivisions including Riverview, North College, Hillcrest and SkyRidge areas.  

October 26 - 30

Areas south of 15th St. and west of 9th Ave., including residential areas of Hwy 160 W and Hwy 160 E (Three Springs) located within the city limits.

View a map of the Fall Cleanup schedule

Sign up for Fall Cleanup reminders at DurangoRecycles.com. Type in your home address to view a collection calendar and sign up for free reminders via email, phone or text. Reminders include notifications of special events such as Spring and Fall Cleanup, holiday schedule changes and unanticipated service disruption. 

This is a great opportunity for fire mitigation and creating a defensible space around your home!

Cleanup Guidelines

  • All items are to be placed in the alley or curbside on the street (where alleys are not available) for collection.
  • Set materials out the weekend before your area is scheduled for collection. Crews will not return a second time.
  • Ensure trash is secured in the trashcan (not simply left out in the open) for the safety of wildlife.
  • Do not place refuse on or near gas meters, fire hydrants, overhead wires, or power poles.
  • Do not block driving lanes or sidewalks, and keep materials 2 feet away from fences, trees, bushes, gas meters, hydrants, power poles, etc.
  • Once crews collect along your street, they will not return.
  • All waste must be 8 feet or less. Crews will not pick up items over 8 feet in length.
  • Please separate leaves for reuse potential.
  • Please separate tree limbs, brush, and clean lumber from refuse so they can be shredded for mulch. All other items will be land filled.
  • Maximum two load limit per residence.
  • This service is available to City residents only. Material placed by nonresidents or outside of designated pickup times is considered illegal dumping. If you observe or suspect illegal dumping in your neighborhood, please report it at (970) 385-2900.

 Not Accepted at Any Time:

  • Rocks, concrete, dirt, or bricks
  • Hazardous or industrial materials
  • Electronics or batteries (These can be recycled at the Durango Recycle Center on Saturdays)
  • Tires
  • Stumps
  • Railroad Ties treated with Creosote

Additional Information

Spring and Fall cleanup are a service provided by the City of Durango’s Streets Division and are paid for by the fee collected on residents’ monthly utility bills. 

Information on collection dates is available through: 

If you have questions, please contact the City Operations Department at (970) 375-4903.