Electric Vehicles

Transportation accounts for over 25% of Durango’s greenhouse gas emissions. A shift to electric vehicles (EVs) alongside a reduction in single-occupancy vehicle use overall is key to achieving Durango's greenhouse gas emissions goals adopted by City Council.

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Public EV Charging

The City of Durango owns and operates several publicly available charging stations for your EV driving convenience! Station parking is for active EV charging only. Please be respectful of all posted information and parking rules, and please move your vehicle once you have finished charging.

Publicly available charging stations are also available at many businesses and organizations in town and throughout the region. The free open-source website plugshare.com is an excellent resource for finding EV charging stations. 

Instructions on how to use ChargePoint stations can be found at ChargePoint.com/drivers.

For more information on the differences between charging stations levels, visit our Electric Vehicle FAQ.

Level-2 Charging

Six level-2 charging station spots are available for public use at Durango Transit Center, 250 W 8th St.

Charging at city-operated level-2 stations costs $1.50 per charge session. Stations are for active charging only. Electric vehicles do not require a parking permit while charging at stations. Prices are subject to change, be sure to check the station displays and signage to confirm rates and rules.

DC Fast Charging (Level-3 Charging)DC Fast Charge 1

Two level-3 DC fast charging station spots are available for public use at Durango Transit Center, 250 W 8th St.

Charging at city-operated level-3 stations cost $0.30 per kWh dispersed. In order to free-up the stations for other users, these stations have an idle fee of $0.30 per minute. This fee takes effect 10 minutes after charging has completed, so be sure to move your vehicle right away when finished. ChargePoint app users can set up notifications on their phones to be alerted when charging has completed.

These stations were installed through a partnership between the city of Durango and La Plata Electric Association (LPEA). Funding was leveraged from the Colorado Energy Office and ChargePoint through a statewide Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Corridors program.

Tesla Adapters

Tesla vehicles need certain adapters to utilize most non-tesla charging stations. If you forgot your adapter, please visit the customer service window in the City of Durango Transit Center for assistance during open hours, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We cannot assist with Tesla adapter issues outside of normal business hours, unfortunately.